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  • "A" Caution Signs
    Great economical reversible "A" frame sign. Light weight, 4mm yellow corrugated yellow plastic printed double sided in red with two messages "Caution Wet Floor" and "Caution Do Not Enter". Stands 18" High x 11" Wide, and folds flat for easy storage and shipping. Weights only Lb., will not break or tear under normal working conditions.
    Please Take A Number Signs
    An economical way to serve your customers accordingly. Ideal for supermarkets, deli stores, bakeries or any service/retail that requires a service line up.
    Numbers from 1 to 100 double sided on white .020 plastic, size of cards are 3" x 4".
    Kit contains 1 counter unit (10"x5") with a "PLEASE! TAKE A NUMBER FOR BETTER SERVICE" decal, 1 wall unit (9"x8") with "NUMBER NOW BEING SERVED" decal, and 1-100 double sided number set.

    Kit contains 1 counter unit (10"x5"), 1 wall unit (9"x8") and 2 decals. Sold as a set of 2 only.
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    Plastic Sign Protectors
    Plastic sign protector, manufactured from PVC material. Will not chip or crack under normal conditions. Protect computer generated prints, labels, signs or images. Available in clear or non-glare resistance finish, see chart below for sizes.
    Clear Pockets
    Cat No Protector Size Package Size
    Imperial Size Metric Size
    PP-258 8" x 2 1/2" 203.2mm x 63.5mm  25 sheets per package
    PP-358 8" x 3 1/2" 203.2mm x 88.9mm  25 sheets per package
    PP-35 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" 139.7mm x 88.9mm  25 sheets per package
    PP-57 7" x 5 1/2" 177.8mm x 139.7mm  25 sheets per package
    PP-711 11" x 7" 279.4mm x 177.8mm  25 sheets per package
    Glare Resistance Finish (Frosted Matte)
    Cat No Protector Size Package Size
    Imperial Size Metric Size
    PP-A8 3" x 2" 74mm x 52mm  25 sheets per package
    PP--A4 8" x 2" 210mm x 74mm  25 sheets per package
    PP-A7 3" x 4" 74mm x 101mm  25 sheets per package
    PP-A4 11" x 8" 297mm x 210mm  10 sheets per package
    All sizes also available with adhesive or magnetic backing. Please inquire in our request information section for more information on custom sizes or large quantities.                                 Request Info 
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    Acrylic Sign Holders
    These clear plastic sign holders are great as countertop sign displays for any retail, restaurant, service department, hotel and even offices. Ensures longer life for your signage and uniformity to your display. Can be used with any paper, computer generated sign and pictures. Just slide your document in from the opening for sign changes.
    • Horizontal menu type
    • Vertical menu type
    • Horizontal easel type
    • Vertical easel type
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    Next Available Lane Please Signs

    Sturdy countertop tent signs, printed on .175 pebble finish scratch resistanced plastic, with a double sided message. Size 9" Wide x 4" High when folded. Printed red text on white background or black text on yellow background.
    Cat No Size Background Colour Text Colour
    NAL-DS-E-W   9" Wide x 4" High   White Red
    NAL-DS-E-Y   9" Wide x 4" High   Yellow Black
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