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    A highly attractive modern appearance that will enhance any graphics. Affordable and great-looking, front loading snap frames. Changing graphics has never been easier! Just snap open the sides, remove old graphic, and replace with new.

    Substrates will work up to 80pt thickness, comes in both black painted aluminum or silver anodized. For indoor use only and comes fully assembled, please inquire about custom sizes and quanities.
    Snap Frame
    Size Black
    Cat No
    Cat No
    18" x 24" BSF-1824 ASF-1824
    22" x 28" BSF-2228 ASF-2228
    24" x 24" BSF-2424 ASF-2424
    24" x 36" BSF-2436 ASF-2436
    24" X 48" BSF-2448 ASF-2448
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